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Minutes and Reports


BPC - Full Parish Council
HFL - Highways, Footpaths and Lighting
GPC - General Purposes Committee
VCC - Village Centre Commitee
PEC - Planning & Enviroment Committee
PMC - Placemaking Committee
NPC - Neighbourhood Plan Committee

February 2015

     10th February   Next HFL meeting scheduled.

     3rd February  Download the PEC Agenda

January 2015

     28th January  Download the Dates of Meetings up to June 2015

     27th January  Download the BPC Agenda

     20th January Download the GPC Minutes

     13th January Download the NPC Minutes

     6th January Download the PEC Minutes

December 2014

     9th December Download the BPC Minutes

     2nd December Download the GPC Minutes

November 2014

     25th November Download the PEC Minutes

Download the NPC Minutes

     18th November Download the HFL Minutes

     6th November  Download the Meeting Notes - Colerne Housing Plans

     4th November Download the PEC Minutes

October 2014

     28th October Download the BPC Minutes

     21st October Download the NPC Minutes

     14th October Download the GPC Minutes

     7th October Download the PEC Minutes

     4th October  Download the ALCA AGM Report

September 2014

     30th September  Download the BPC Agenda

 Download the Motion For Village Hall

 Download the Petition Motion for BPC

Download the BPC Minutes

     23rd September  Download the Highway Concerns Report

Download the HFL Minutes

     9th September Download the GPC Minutes

     2nd September Download the PEC Minutes

August 2014

     26th August Download the NPC Minutes

     5th August Download the BPC Minutes

July 2014

     29th July Download the GPC Minutes

Download the PEC Minutes

     22nd July Download the HFL Minutes

     8th July Download the NPC Minutes

     1st July Download the PEC Minutes

June 2014

     24th June Download the BPC Minutes

     17th June Download the GPC Minutes

     10th June Download the NPC Minutes

     3rd June Download the PEC Minutes

May 2014

     28th May  Download the Notes from the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

     27th May Download the HFL Minutes

     20th May  Download the BPC Annual Agenda

 Download the BPC Annual Meeting Minutes

     13th May Download the PMC Minutes

     6th May Download the PEC Minutes

April 2014

     29th April Download the GPC Minutes

 Download the GPC - Neighbourhood Plan Resolution (Approved)

     24th April  Download the Annual Village Meeting Notes

     15th April Download the HFL Minutes

 Download the Batheaston Highway Concerns

     8th April Download the PMC Minutes

March 2014

     31st March  Download the BPC Report - BPC Village Hall History

     25th March  Download the Deferred Placemaking Committee Agenda

Download the PEC Minutes

     18th March  Download the BPC Agenda

 Download the Resolution - Neighbourhood Plan

 Download the Resolution - Pavement at Shops

 Download the BPC - Statement Hagen

 Download the BPC - Statement BLA

 Download the BPC - Statement B&NES

Download the BPC Minutes

     11th March Download the GPC Minutes

     3rd March  Download the Dates of Meetings May 2013 - May 2014

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